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    vBulletin Development

    With 10 years specializing in vBulletin, we have the largest forums as clients & best selling vBulletin mods as our products, you will not find more capable developers!

    Limitless Design

    No, really! Most designers are stuck within the vBulletin Skin boundaries. Our designers & developers can join forces to make true magic on a completely custom vBulletin design.

    Great Communication

    What keeps clients coming back? We ask questions about their vBulletin project till we can see it in our sleep, we make suggestions, we don't hold back.

    Time Is Money

    We charge a fixed rate for vBulletin development. We won't charge you hourly & sit on the clock. Instead, we quote in advance and hit the ground running. Get a quote today.

    feature img

    Extra Threadfields Premium

    All a vBulletin topic asks you to fill out initially is "title" & "message". This vBulletin Mod changes that. This vBulletin mod allows you to customize the forms for your new threads however you'd like!

    All form elements

    Multiple selection checkboxes, drop downs, text boxes, etc. add whatever you'd like to your form!

    Search Features

    Your users can search through the different elements of the form. So if you add a "category" field, they can search all topics by category.

    Easy Customization

    The product takes 2 minutes to install to vBulletin. Customizing your form takes seconds! No template edits or file edits required.