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    Greetings vBulletin Owners,
    The long awaited launch of the vB4 ModernvB Line is now over. This newsletter will touch base on several updates we've made on our website including a new vB4 Lineup of Products, ModernvB YouTube Video Tutorials for Products, and a few Website Updates to better serve you!

    Any questions? Feel free to make a post or contact us today.

    Hello vBulletiners!

    In addition to our premade vBulletin Add-Ons and Modifications, ModernvB is now once again offering custom vBulletin Solutions. Feel free to get a quote today and speak to one of our vBulletin specialists. Whether this is a new design / skin or a new modification / add-on, our team is beyond equipped to handle your needs.

    Here are some of the latest sites we've worked on:

    Some of these projects also have client studies that can be viewed in our Portfolio
    • Advanced Forums

      303 24.44%
    • Answer Forums

      201 16.21%
    • Community Newsletter

      506 40.81%
    • Extra Threadfields

      230 18.55%

    Custom vBulletin Development
    Replies: 5 Views: 6430
    ProvB - vBulletin 4 LineUp Update
    Replies: 0 Views: 9469
    Community Newsletter - vB4 Update
    Replies: 4 Views: 11422
    Answer Forums - vB4 Update
    Replies: 2 Views: 10624
    Advanced Forums - vB4 Update
    Replies: 1 Views: 9864
    Extra Threadfields - vB4 Update
    Replies: 0 Views: 6079
    Advanced Forums - vB4
    Replies: 3 Views: 8120
    Extra Threadfields - vB4
    Replies: 5 Views: 10087

    The Latest
    testing thread
    Replies: 2 Views: 205
    Dirt RIF CustUmz
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    Replies: 0 Views: 435
    New Project
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    New Project
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    New Project
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    New Project
    Replies: 0 Views: 1
    by Lott
    xtrathreadfields compatible with VB 5
    Replies: 0 Views: 542
    New Project
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    New Project
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