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    Community Newsletter
    Greetings ProvB Customers,
    Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the Community Newsletter. I decided to work on it live (directly on to let you guys see the changes. If all goes well, the new feature to save Newsletter Issues should be working in no time, making this the first official saved "Issue". Hope you guys enjoy, the new update will be available soon along with much more to come!

    Stay tuned,
    New Product & Updates
    by Gio~Logist

    Advanced Forums

    Features individual forum layouts, endless forum customization, and over 13 new options within each forum.
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    : Introducing: Advanced Forums - The Power of 2 Products

    Product Updates
    Community Newsletter, Extra Threadfields and Answer Forums have all been updates with bug fixes as well as feature releases. read more

    Website Updates
    You'll notice we're still going at it. Brushing up on a few areas and features, working on increasing performance and usability, etc. Feel free to drop a comment or suggestion ;)
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