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    Community Newsletter
    Greetings vBulletin Owners,
    For those of you who haven't noticed, ProvB has made several updates including individual product updates, as well as a new product in which is now available for purchase. Check out our ProvB Products for more info.

    Any questions? Just make a post and we're all ears.

    ProvB Index - A Modern Homepage
    by Gio~Logist
    ProvB Index
    Is the makeover your vBulletin Homepage deserves! No more out-dated homepages with nothing but forums listed in a boring fashion.

    ProvB Index at a Glance
    Use ProvB Index to spice up your vBulletin Homepage with a powerfull, modern, sleak layout and awesome gadgets! It was no doubt that vBulletin was missing an effective solution for a Homepage. With a new Homepage like ProvB Index, you can rise above competition using even the latest of Software! This homepage is equipped with a number of gadgets in order to make sure you really get the best out of your website Overall - and development is always kept clean and simple for easy customization.

    Price: $39.99 - read more

    Possibilities At a Glance
    On top of the fact that you're getting a highly modernized and multi-functional homepage, ProvB Index can also be Customized for great looking Homepages such as the one we use right on - which is actually nothing more than a single customized template within ProvB Index.
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