Advertisements are clearly one of the most common sources of income for community forums and websites in general for that matter. Tons of dollars are being invested into online marketing/advertising daily. But with the ongoing awareness of the internet and it's advertisements, comes the delicacy of producing your advertisements effectively. Online advertising may be one of the most common methods for webmasters, but it certainly is not the easiest. However, with the right tools and content, you'd be surprised what you can achieve with advertising!

Vbulletin offers a variety of options for advertisements, as well as an extensive amount of flexibility in order to add advertisement modifications, etc. Feel free to utilize it's existing features, or even add a few of your own to make sure that your advertising campaign is marketed just right.

Things To Consider
There are a variety of characteristics and traits of your members (and the average web browser) that should be taken into consideration when adding advertisements to your website.

  • What pages are viewed mostly on my website?
    • Knowing where most of your traffic is targeted will help you plan your advertising campaign accordingly.
  • What do people visit these pages for?
    • Be sure to offer advertisements in which will benefit the viewer's experience or needs. No web browser necessarily enjoys advertisements. However, every web browser has an interest, so hold it. And more importantly, feed it.

How should i lay out my advertisements?
After taking into account what pages/sections your users enjoy and how to use advertisements to compliment those sections, now you must lay your advertisements out effectively.

  • Be subtle. Once again, no web browser enjoys advertisements.
  • Offer advertisements of interest
  • Tie your advertisement in with your content effectively to allow the flow of the user's browsing experience to run smoothly.

Existing Vbulletin Features

Vbulletin Advertisement Templates

  • ad_forumdisplay_afterthreads - Displayed on forum display pages (forumdisplay.php), below threads
  • ad_forumhome_afterforums - Displayed on forumhome index, after forum listings
  • ad_navbar_below - Below the navbar, which is Displayed on all pages.
  • ad_showthread_firstpost_start - Shows within the first post message, before the message is displayed.
  • ad_showthread_firstpost - Shows after the first post table, when viewing a topic.
  • ad_showthread_firstpost_sig - Shows in the signature of the first post, when viewing a topic.
  • ad_header_logo - Displayed on the right of your forum's logo by default. May change depending on your Website's design.
  • ad_header_end - Below the header, which is Displayed on all pages.

In order to place these advertisements in effect, simply edit the templates accordingly (Admincp Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Edit Templates) and include your advertisement code within the desired template. Remember that Vbulletin offers a conditional feature to further limit what code is pulled from templates on certain pages.
Example: When editing ad_forumdisplay_afterthreads, you can use <if condition="$forum[forumid] == 'x'">[ADVERTISEMENT CODE HERE]</if> (where x is the forum id of the forum in which you'd like to include the advertisement in). This will allow you to control what ads are shown in different forums.