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      Default Update - Happy Holidays

      Happy Holidays

      Hope everyone's been enjoying their holidays! For the week of the 21-27th, I've decided to take a break from work in order to give myself enough energy to return full force after the holidays. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, they will be answered the second I return. I will be checking periodically to make sure there isn't any issue too critical that's being put on hold till then.

      You probably noticed a few changes in style, as well as a few changes to the homepage. Great feedback has been given, and so far the cleanliness of the style is coming along quite well, although that definitely doesn't mean our work here is finished. We have been in contact with several designers and developers who are eager to begin listing and contributing once we get out of beta, to start picking things up a bit.

      What's needed before getting out of beta?
      There's still a bit of cleaning up i want to do before officially getting out of the Beta phase. A few more changes to the style are going to be made to increase usability and performance. The homepage will be changed slightly as well (look out for a possible product for those of you liking how its coming so far). You've probably also heard hints to another product we have in the works. We are putting the final touches on it and will be releasing our new product along with a few existing product updates.

      Any questions/comments/concerns, our ears are always open

      Once again, Happy Holidays!

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      Default Re: Update - Happy Holidays

      Its starting to look good, looks much better from a usability stand point.

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