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      Default Interested in Several of your Products

      I am currently running 3.8.4, I am interested in advanced forums, Index and Newsletters are these compatible with 3.8.4?

      If they are compatible with 3.8.4, I'm specifically wondering whether vb file edits are necessary also can you give me an idea of the number of template edits? Maybe you can point me toward the installation documentation to get a better idea on the products?

      Also do your products add branding to the forum footer?

      Last question, any plans to update them for vb4.0?

      Besides some cool software, it looks like there are a lot of deals on cell phones in your forums!

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      Default Re: Interested in Several of your Products

      Sorry about the spam. Been really busy lately between support and private projects and haven't had a chance to come clean up - which alone should be no excuse at all because I should be on top of my human verification manager. I need to reset the random Q&A upon registration periodically, otherwise bots pick up

      Yes, the products are 100% compatible with all versions from 3.6.x-3.8.x. We also offer a branding free option for all of our products. We will upgrading them and offering them separately for vB4 very soon!

      As far as edits, none of our products require absolutely no file edits - we believe in leaving the complicated stuff to us We also don't really have any products that even require template edits beyond an optional 1 or 2 steps. All-in-all, we pride ourselves on making our products fast to install and easy to use!

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      Default Re: Interested in Several of your Products

      Thanks for your reply. I'm shooting you a pm for a couple more questions.

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