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      Junior Member muthug's Avatar
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      Jan 2010

      Default Extra Postfields?

      Hi Admin, looking for 2 products 1) Extra Threadfield (thank god you have it)
      But i also need some thing like this for POSTS (new posts, quick reply) can you make
      this product too?

      Please dont ask me to post this question in different section - answer directly yes or no. ( i cant access Developer corner to post this, thus posted here) Thanks in advance.

    2. #2 Owner Gio~Logist's Avatar
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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Extra Postfields?

      Why would we ask you to post elsewhere? You are in just the right place

      1) Yep, it's all ours
      2) We are actually trying to get that implemented in the new version but I can't spoil the surprise just yet. If I say it's certain then my inbox will get flooded with people rushing it. I'm sure you can get my hint

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      Default Re: Extra Postfields?

      hmmm..what so ever.......... I'm waiting for surprise.

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