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      Default Community Newsletter

      I'm currently usign the newsletter script from the vb geek but as the support is beyond shocking, I'm looking for a alternative.

      One main benifnits of my current solutions is that newsletters can be sent out automatically each month which comes in handy as my members can subscribe to get a monthly update of new threads..

      Is it possible to do the same with the scripts here.

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      Default Re: Community Newsletter

      Sorry to hear that! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling for you!

      We do offer the subscription service (your emails can get blacklisted otherwise!). Issues are also saved for reference and the newsletter has it's own page - easy to customize, and with quite a few features.

      Sending the newsletters is Manual though. We do this so that you can make sure everything goes as planned and perhaps save the list of everyone it was sent to. When sending, you can do it in cycles of x (as many as your servers can handle) and it's as simple as clicking "continue" depending on your cycle vs members.

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      Default Re: Community Newsletter

      Thanks for the quick response.

      One last questions as I'm not sure how this will work, Currently I have two mailing lists which my members subscribe to. When they first sign up they are given the option to subscribe or not but it defualts on yes.

      I also use the dorment user mod and when a members not visted my site for 6 month they are moved to a dorment user group, this isn't allowed to recived newsletters to stop them being sent to people that are not active. If the member visits the site again they are moved back to the normal user group and the newletters restart.

      I know I will have to manually send out the newletters each month which isn't a problem but will I still be able to control who gets the newletters as I currently do via the usergroups.

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      Default Re: Community Newsletter

      When sending a newsletter, you'll have the following option:

      Specific Usergroup's
      Enter UsergroupID's (separated by a comma). Leave blank to send to all.

      So essentially, you can keep track of what usergroups receive the newsletter. You also have a test-only option just to get a quick list of what users will receive the newsletter, without actually sending it

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      Default Re: Community Newsletter

      Is ti VB4 friendly yet?

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      Default Re: Community Newsletter

      Gio. any update mate? Please respond to let us know your status. We really need you to get back.

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