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    Thread: Questions

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      How many forums can be specified as Answer forums? In both free and paid. How much for link removal? How long have this been updated? I seen paid scripts get updated but after a few months, die and disappear. No more support of any kind.

      Can you cutomize the best answer pat of the threaddispaly? Like show avatar and stuff like that?

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      How do you edit threads here?

      Also it doesn't appear you can place the "Mark As Best Answer" anywhere in postbit either? Or use images instead of text?

      Is there a way to disable Thread prefixes as well? Cuz I'm going to enable this on a forum with 10k+ threads. And all of them are gonna say unanswered. When most have been answered. Or is there a way to only show unaswered prefix on newly created thread?

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      Also When you use this, the PM's don't show the actual PM's It just shows the quick reply box.

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      You can specify as many forums as you want and the product has a branding free option. You can also edit the phrases to either have an image, not say anything, or whatever you'd like. As for the pm issue, you can alter it and include something like AND THIS_SCRIPT != 'private'

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