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      May 2010

      Default Thank you for your assistance

      Additional Information:

      Gio assisted me with setting up a cusomt hack.

      It took more time than expected because Gio has had some family problems but, the Hack / Addon is up and running great.

      Basically what he did was give me the ability to create articles that people have to pay for.
      The Articles are paid for individually so it's not like I could just make a subscription for an entire forum, this is per Article/Post and it pays the author of the Article, not me or my site.

      Payments are made via Paypal accounts and mostly done outside of your website, at paypals website

      Thank you Gio for the hard work.

      I have looked over your products here and will probably be buying some of them soon.

      Keep up the good work.

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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Thank you for your assistance

      Hey Tom

      Thank you for the great and honest feedback! I'm glad to see you're enjoying your mod I'm sure you'll soon find that the products here will make a great addition to your website as well. If you ever need anything else, do not hesitate to ask.

      Enjoy, and the best of wishes to you and your website Tom!

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