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      Vbulletin Search Engine Optimization

      A common question many vbulletin owners have already asked themselves, or will very soon: Is vBSEO right for me? How can I benefit from SEO? Is it really necessary?

      The theory behind any type of SEO solution making you rich is a well-spread fantasy. But it just may be one of the most realistic fantasies yet! Although SEO does not automatically guarantee money in your pocket, it is definitely a great resource to help put it there.

      What is SEO anyways?
      SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The Search Engine Optimization process is one in which improves the quality and volume of your traffic, as well as your results on search engines. What vBSEO does, is add several elements of SEO to your vbulletin software.

      Adding vbSEO- Is it Neessary?
      Out-of-the-box, vBulletin's software (although the leading in it's kind, according to many) does not have a solid approach to SEO. You may notice the way links are formatted (forumdisplay.php, showthread.php, etc.). vBSEO offers the ability for "prettier" and more SEO-friendly based links. An example of an SEO-friendly link would be something like For a complete list of vBSEO's features, visit vbseo.

      SEO-friendly links are enabled throughout your website once vBSEO is installed, along with various other SEO-related improvements. Meaning vBSEO does 99% of the SEO process for you.

      How can you benefit?
      With good SEO, you will see a load of increase on your website's activity. Need more members on your website? Want to get your content out there? Maybe you want to increase ad revenue? vBSEO can open up the door for endless oppurtunity.

      Success Stories: $1400 in One Day with vBSEO!, How did vBSEO Buy a Young Entrepreneur a BMW M3 Luxury Car?, The Fastest Way to $20K with vBSEO - The FireBlades Story
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