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      Oct 2011

      Default Purchased Newsletter - Where is it?

      I purchased the Community Newsletter with Brand Free yesterday. My Paypal log shows the transaction, but does not show up under "Purchased Products".

      It said that a confirmation email would be sent after the purchase went through. I did not receive that email.

      I sent an email to "Contact Us" but have not hear anything yet. Also, you cannot open a trouble ticket unless you are an existing customer I guess, which is not very convenient.

      Could someone please get back to me?


    2. #2 Owner Gio~Logist's Avatar
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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Purchased Newsletter - Where is it?

      It seems paypal had an issue automating your payment. I've sent you an email as follows

      Hello there,
      Can you provide me with admincp to your website? Also, your next brand free is on us. Let that be known in your post on the light version with a followup, and also in your heart – that we only have good intentions here!

      Giovanni Martinez

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