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    Mobile Forum

    Custom Design Custom Mods
    Mobile Forum is a new website with the intentions of providing you with the latest apps, news, and phones in the mobile world. From app directories that pull right from Apple's listings, to Phone & App rating systems, we did all sorts of vBulletin Mods for Mobile Forum.

      The Overall Mission

      MobileForum came to us with a great domain name, and a load of great ideas, just a not-so-great way of organizing all this info and doing so around a clean, modern, sleek design. Not to mention their ideas were huge in terms of functionality, so us nerds had to get our hands dirty and build a few directories, mods, widgets, and more!

      vBulletin Modifications & Customization

      We used our very own products (but of course with heavy customization), to transform their Phone and Apps forums into actual Phone & App Directories.

      Custom Directories We Made

      Example of Phone Page (Fully-Automated)
      Example of App Directory (Fully Automated)

      MobileForum's homepage is Fully-Automated and tailored to their needs. In addition, Carrier Forums turn into their own "Hub Pages" so to speak.

      Products We Used:

      Along with heavy customization, meaning a lot of sleepless nights and a bit of creativity!

      The vBulletin Designing Process

      We knew getting around this website was going to be tricky since Mobile Forum handles a range of different pages: General Mobile Chat, Phone Listings, App Listings, Blogs, News, the works. We built a smart navigation bar with enough of a simplistic approach to be able to fit as many as 100 links if divided among their tabs correctly.

      We then gave their forum home page a columnized approach in order to sort all of their categories and forums and of course to also compliment their custom fully-automated homeage as well. The same look and feel was then applied throughout the rest of the forum, so as to make posts look more like comments and topics look more like articles.