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    Custom Design Custom Mods
    With a few hundred thousand members, Universitarios is one of the largest online college communities in Chile. It's also one of the largest in the world. And they love vBulletin Mods!

      The Overall Mission

      An "in" yet somewhat sophisticated community of College Students in Chile. Resources for guidance, a community for bouncing ideas, and more. is part of a large network of Chile websites we work for. Feel free to use a translation service to translate the website for you from spanish to English. This network is very into innovate and unconventional designs. Their main goal has always and will always be to worry about what they want to do, and not what their software limits them to do. Nothing in this website even merely resembles vBulletin's fresh out the box, forum-ish appearance. Infact, some say it's hard to believe these websites even use vBulletin! Which is partially true, because they're cheating by using ProvB of course!

      vBulletin Modifications & Customization

      Custom Widgets & Pages We Made

      Custom Link Directory
      A Custom Link Directory we made using Advanced Forums & Extra Threadfields.

      Homepage (Fully-Automated)
      The homepage uses a modern and well-put-together widget that pulls data from their latest Blog Posts and Features the first one up top. You can navigate through the content there, continue to the forums, or use the smart sidebar to find some of the latest or most popular content

      Sidebar (Fully-Automated)
      The sidebar serves a great purpose all throughout this website and is fully automated.

      The sidebar changes content sometimes based on the page you're viewing, but on most pages it includes
      • A few social icons
      • A tabbed widget which uses cool effects to switch between the newest, most responded, and most visited topics
      • A tabbed widget which switches between the newest and most responded blogs
      • A calendar widget
      • Facebook Feeds

      Also, if you visit threads, forums, or blogs, widgets pop up in the sidebar instantly to help access certain controls or links. A lot of thought was put into this sidebar.