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      Default ProvB - Product Updates

      Product Updates: 1-7-09
      As promised, here are the updates made to our existing ProvB products. Stay tuned, as ProvB will be releasing its new product today as well!

      Extra Threadfields 2.0.2 Update

      Inline Forumdisplay Filtering
      - Filter threads based on Extra Threadfields right on forumdisplay, via "display options". The fields are now automatically shown in the "display options" box. example.

      Specify Fields shown on Search.php
      - Include extra fields in advanced searches (now a separate option) example

      IE bugs fixed
      - Internet Explorer users were not able to search prior to this update

      Display Number: 0
      - Set a field's display number to 0 to prevent it from automatically being shown, allowing you to further customize the appearance and function of this field.

      Maxinput for text fields
      - You can now set a maximum input for text-based input fields.

      Answer Forums 1.0.4 Update

      Enable Reminder
      - Auto pm users to check their questions for possible answers after x amount of posts.

      Community Newsletter 1.0.2 Update

      Usability Changes
      - News now links to "news forum"
      - Poll now links to thread
      - Featured post links to thread
      - Realigned thread author in threadbit
      - Only show visible threads

      Subscribe/Unsubscribe link in newsletter
      - Links to usercp

      Send Test-Only Emails (no actual emails will be sent)
      - For testing purposes of course (see who you're targetting, etc.)

      Newsletter PHP and HTML markup cleaned up slightly

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