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    Custom Mods
    Sencha is one of the largest app development frameworks and we worked hand in hand to build them a great support system for people using their framework.

      Sencha's sold millions

      Sencha is one of the most sought after HTML application frameworks. With over 500 thousand people using their framework, it didn't take a developer to figure out that they needed a robust support system for their clients to receive support... and they needed it now.

      After discovering our Question & Answer vbulletin mod, Sencha figured they'd hire us directly and tailor it 100% to their needs.

      Developing for developers
      The experience was hands down one of the smoothest projects we've ever had. Being an application framework, everyone who works at the Sencha headquarters is very tech savvy. So when their guys reached out to us to help coordinate the project, we ripped apart vBulletin and tore it right back together in no time.

      Due to the privacy of Sencha, we can't give away too much information into this project. However, we can tell you that Sencha's 500k+ customers are still receiving outstanding results, partially thanks to our project together.

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