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    Custom Mods is vBulletin's official marketplace, equipped with an iPhone app. The marketplace is easy to set up, helps make forums money, and is joined by millions of buyers. We're happy to say that we helped set this up!

      Sell, Sell, Sell

      When Panjo first came to us and told us they wanted to make a new vB marketplace, we were beyond stoked! Not only did they want to make selling easier on their forum.... but they also wanted to extend that functionality to many other websites online as well. Panjo reached out to us after building their first prototype for this system (initially called Enthusify). Our developers joined forces with theirs, tightening up loose ends on the vBulletin side of things and making sure the next version of the product was ready to hit the market.

      Fast Forward

      2 years later, Enthusify became Panjo and is now the official marketplace for vBulletin. Oh, and it gets better... there's an iPhone app as well