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      Question Extra Threadbit Display Style


      I will definitely get this product.

      If you see the link below,

      The extra thread fields are showing up in a link. like
      Author: Dr. I. J. Singh Overview: A perspective on the happenigs before and after 1984

      I would like to see these fields like
      Author: Dr. I. J. Singh
      Overview: A perspective on the happenings before and after 1984

      Further, in pro version is it possible to show extra thread fields randomly like one showing up at the start of the thread and the other showing up in the bottom.

      Suppose, at the end of the article, i would like to show a field describing about the author: his biodata and another field resource: showing a online link back to author website or the article itself.


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      Default Re: Extra Threadbit Display Style

      In the pro version, Extra Threadfields should show vertically (like you'd like). There's also an option in the manager to set a display number for these fields.

      If you'd like to place the field in your own desired spot, you can set the display to 0 and it will only be shown in the New Thread forms and such Allowing you to display it however you'd like.

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