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      Default Advanced Forums?

      I was reading about your Advanced Forums mod and I saw that it's per forums. Is it at all possible that it can be used per style?

      Thing is I am making a whole new style for my forum and I was looking at this to start it off but I don't the rest of changing while making the style. Does that make sense? haha Or is there a better way?

      Look forward to your answer

      Thank you

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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Advanced Forums?

      So you want to be able to more or less work on this quietly in the back end? Your best bet is either making a test server or adding a simple plugin to disable the Advanced Forums product when viewing the other style.

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      Default Re: Advanced Forums?

      Yes that is exactly what I want to do.

      Yeah I know the test site would really be my best bet in the long run. Just to do everything in general haha

      So I guess my next question would be how hard would it be to have a plugin written to just allow the admin to be able use the Advanced Forums product on the new style so no one else knows? <-- (read I'm not a coder haha)

      Thank you

    4. #4 Owner Gio~Logist's Avatar
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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Advanced Forums?

      Yes, essentially a test website would be your best bet if you're not a programmer yourself. Or you can set forums with a display of 0 and work on there.

      I'm trying to find a way to easily create a plugin that disables products via a conditional. So far the only solution I can find is editing includes/class_hook.php and altering the query around the following code:
      PHP Code:
              while ($plugin $dbobject->fetch_array($plugins))
      But even if i paste a code for you to alter this, it will require editing this file of course. Will look for another easy solution which only involves a product upload. Otherwise, hope these tips help.

      Will keep you posted with other options and see if i find an alternative to file-editing. However, like i said... you have plenty of options here as far as working "behind the scenes".

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      Default Re: Advanced Forums?

      Thank you very much

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      Default Re: Advanced Forums?

      Well I have been trying to export the style I have been working on and it will not let me. I was going to start just working on it on a test site like you suggested. I guess I don't have any other choice now...

      Let me know if you think of anything else. I am interested in this.

      Thank you again,


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