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      Default Answered: Multiple Answer Forums?

      I run quite a large tech support forum - can we set more than one forum to be an answer forum - if so is there a realsitic limit based on any extra queries created?

      My forum currently has 60 forums and sub forums where "answers" are requested and provided - would this be a problem?

      I also like the extra threadfileds mod you have - I had a look at your admin demo - could you please tell me how you set the extra fields in the answer forum - where it shows around 150 character preview under each post.

      Combined with the answer forum mod - this is quite a powerful combination for my needs.

      Finally - I assume these mods are OK with VB 3.8?


    2. "ok I figured it out
      I was mixing PHP with Vbulletin's template conditionals.

      A correct if statement looks like this,

      <if condition="$fieldid == 2">hello</if>
      This is from editing the template section in the xml file, by the way."

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      Default Re: Multiple Answer Forums?

      Yep, all of the modifications work 100% with vBulletin.

      The thread preview you see, is actually a feature from the Advanced Forums product. Extra Threadfields adds fields to the new thread form and thread data.

      The query load is actually minimal and doesn't increase only because the mod is used on more forums, so it'd work perfect for you! You can also enable the Answer Forum option "per forum", so yes you can have more than one Answer Forum.

      Thanks for the kind comments Always appreciated. Glad you've found what you're looking for!

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