It is estimated that one in six couples in the United States is infertile and many of them will seek fertility information and IVF resources. Since most people do not expect to experience fertility problems, most will have very limited prior knowledge about IVF fertility treatment or where to get reputable fertility information.

Beginning the Journey
While it may feel like a diagnosis of infertility has thrown you into an alternate universe with a completely different language, you will find that you will quickly become educated. Understanding your diagnosis, treatments, and insurance issues are vital to assuring that you receive the best treatment and keep as many options open as possible.

Local Support Groups
Support groups are a valuable resource for fertility information. Your local fertility treatment centers are likely to run their own or have a list of ones available throughout the community. Participating in local support a group is not only a resource to find out first hand fertility information, it can also provide the opportunity to learn where to find the best providers, or problems others have encountered.

Online Support Groups
Not everyone likes the intensity of face-to-face support groups, or has the time to attend them. Online support groups can provide important information by joining forums and chats anytime that is convenient to you while letting you retain some privacy. There is even support groups catered to particular diagnosis or for men or women only. Online support groups allow you to create an anonymous profile and still become part of a very close-knit and informative group.

Online Websites
Websites can be one of the most valuable places to find fertility information. It is important to stick with well-known and respected sites, however, and use great discernment in the recommendations. While there are many websites touting incredible cures and ready to take advantage of those who deeply desire to have children, reputable information is also available. Here are a few additional online resources:

Society for Assisted Reproductive technology is an organization dedicated to the practice of assisted reproductive technologies. The website provides information on where to find fertility treatment clinics and their success rates.
American Fertility Association provides reproductive information, advocacy and support.
The Endometriosis Association is dedicated to providing information and resources concerning endometriosis.
Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility is primarily dedicated to medical professionals but contains very valuable information for the layperson.

While it may seem like sorting through infertility information is an insurmountable task, with the right resources, you can become informed quite quickly. Across the country, there are resources and clinics including Houston Fertility Doctors and Colorado IVF Doctors as well as other cities in the US.

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