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      Junior Member CallieJo's Avatar
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      Feb 2009
      NY...not the city!

      Question General Presales Questions on All Products

      1. Which products are branding free without an extra payment?
      2. Only Provb Index has branding free on checkout. Is there not branding free available for other products that show a link back to you?
      3. Is branding free $49 for each product? Or is it $49 one time fee for all of the products we purchased...which would make my day!
      4. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple products or purchasing multiple branding free for products already purchased?
      5. How can we purchase more than one item at a time? Currently only one product shows in the cart at a time even if you add them all to the cart.
      6. When vb4 comes out, will you make sure your products are compatible "before" vb4 goes gold? Meaning, first and further releases of vb4.
      7. Are there any known issues with compatibility of other addons and mods?

      If I purchase 4 products at the rate of $49 for branding free, that is like $200 just for branding free. If branding free is $49 for each product. Which means that it's more than vbulletin $180. Not counting the price per product themselves. The four products would come to about $141. So that's a total of $341 for the four products I'm interested in with branding free options. Which is just under the amount of purchasing two vbulletins at $360.

      I'm not complaining, but would like to point out how that looks on the customers end.

      I would love to purchase four of your products. But I have to know the answers to the questions above as I can't afford $341 for vb mods when I am not sure what vb4 is going to bring to the table in the second quarter of this year. And I must have branding free.

      Now if it were $49 one time fee for branding free...meaning that you pay once and it covers any and all products you purchased. Well, that would make my day. That would come to $191 total for what I want to purchase and I could and would do that.

      Please understand that this is not a complaint. It is merely a way of showing what you see from a customers perspective.

      Thanks and have a splendid weekend*

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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: General Presales Questions on All Products

      We recently got the Additional Services function working in our Product Section, which is why we were able to list the branding fee for ProvB Index. Extra Threadfields won't have a branding till the next release (or maybe the one after it), and the branding fee price for Advanced Forums is currently being debated. Not all branding fees will be the same price though. Most (if not all) will actually be cheaper than $49.99

      Discounts are currently not given for purchases under 10 licenses by default. However, we are willing to reason with people who need fewer licenses at times. For example, if all of your product purchases and such would come out to $341 (which they won't - since not all have/need the branding fee at the moment), we can probably bring it down to $300 for you.

      Considering the amount of research you've done in our products and your obvious interest on using them, I will be more than willing to offer you 2 additional branding fees free of charge after making your purchases. So in total, you'll pay he $191 you wanted for the products and branding-fees included

      Lets hope too many people don't try quoting me on this I'll have the branding fee's for individual products up soon as well for others interested.

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      Junior Member CallieJo's Avatar
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      Feb 2009
      NY...not the city!

      Default Re: General Presales Questions on All Products

      I am sending you a pm with my reply, k. Can you delete this thread as to not confuse anyone in the future. I can see it becoming questionable later on and understand that you have to keep your future decisions intact.


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