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      Default Extra fields manager

      Hi Gio-logist,

      while using the free version of this addon, I've seen one thing what really starts to disturb me as more as I am using the addon.
      In the admincp "Extra fields manager" you can see the field name and then the options drop down bar.
      There is no way to see the forum where the extra field is in.

      Can you please sort the list shown there based on forums?
      I am searching for a way that the addon shows me all fields of a specific forum.
      If you have a lot of extra fields in a lot of forums the actual view is very bad.


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      Default Re: Extra fields manager

      The premium version has an enhanced Extra Threadfields Manager with this information and more.

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      Default Re: Extra fields manager

      Enough points for me now to buy the PRO Version. Thanks!

      One more question.
      If I click on order for Extra Fields I can check those things:
      Additional Service #1 - $3.00
      Test additional 2 - $2.55

      Whats this? I don't see a description about this anywhere.

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