Additional Information:
Short Description: ProBlue Style
Vbulletin Version: vb3.8.x

New Free Style for Vbulletin 3.8.1 by Htworks.Net


download zip file and extract it.

Upload problue folder to your forums root than import style xml file.

Some Faqs

How Can I add new link to navbar ?

Open header template and find;

<div class="nvlink" align="center">
Add your codes below it

Example ;

<a href="#">Mylink</a>
How Can ı change banner ?

Banner file located at problue/pr folder so that if you want to add locally banner image uplaod it some place.

If you want to add external image file open header template and change banner codes ;

Banner Codes in the header;

<div class="banner"><a href="#"><img border="0" src="problue/pr/htworks.jpg"/></a></div>
Please dont Remove Copyright notice in the footer.

Zip File contains

Xml file
image files
logo,button psd files