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      Default Answered: Newsletter Question

      I am seriously considering your newsletter feature. I'm a programmer myself by day, run a forum by night and would rather not have to spend my nights programming something that I can just download! So, I've looked at your newsletter demo and it's nearly exactly what I need. I just have one concern... opt-out.

      I've run a newsletter before, but never from a forum. For e-store newsletters, obeying the law (in the United States) meant that I could only send a newsletter to people who took an action granting me permission. I also had to provide a link at the bottom of the newsletter allowing them to opt-out of future newsletters. Are the legalities similar for forums? And how does your newsletter mod help me abide by them?

    2. "You can get support in the following forum:

      This page is also accessible by clicking "our products" up top "

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      Default Re: Newsletter Question

      At the moment there is a feature in the newsletter in which allows you to set a profile id for users to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe. Advanced subscription handling is being looked into for the next release (one-click subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.).

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