Advanced Forums
Has received a minor update, featuring a new customization and an improved Layout Manager. read initial release.

AF Layout Manager
As new customization types are being requested and vBulletin owners are adding new Advanced Forum layouts by the day, we found the need to make the layout manager a bit easier to use Take a look at the admincp layout manager demo for a quick glance! We've also included a link to the layout manager in the Forums & Moderators section of your admincp.

New Thread Customization
A lot of customers felt the need to customize their new thread pages within certain forums. Now you all can do so In addition to threadbit, postbit, and forumdisplay customizations, you now have an option to customize New Thread pages as well. A premade New Thread layout will be made soon, in the meantime, let creativity take over!

Other Minor Changes
A few template issues have been fixed, such as the sidebar being stretched (on certain forums) in the graphic layout. The issue with announcements in the article layout has also been fixed.

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