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    Question: Pro VB Index

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      Nov 2008

      Default Answered: Pro VB Index

      On Pro VBIndex does it pull the threads (last threads made) live or is it using RSS feeds to pull latest threads as theres a difference as im certain pulling the feeds is only done every so often though a cron job and u would`nt want that running every minute to get new threads.
      Live is better

    2. "The system allows the thread starter only to select a best answer, beyond that, you can allow other usergroups (such as mods, admins) to update answers for any thread."

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      Oct 2008
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      Default Re: Pro VB Index

      It's ran through a single query that pulls the latest x topics live from your vBulletin website, based on the date posted. You can limit the total amount shown and exclude certain forums from the feed as well.

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