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      Default Answered: newsletter customization?

      Hi, am very interested in the newsletter mod but I need it to display the most active threads in the last X days instead of the simply the 'most recent threads'. Is that possible?

    2. "Check out the advanced permissions on the Answer Forums Product Page.

      Thread starters by default should have the permission to select their answer, along with administrative permissions you can give to other usergroups to select or reset the answers of others "

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      Default Re: newsletter customization?

      You'd need to alter the query based on your criteria on "active". In other words, by default this product selects the most recent threads. However, a custom file modification, changing way this section pulls it's information from the database, would get you where you need to be.

      Out of curiosity, what would your criteria be for "active"?

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      Default Re: newsletter customization?

      Same here, I would like to get it to post the hot threads, figured I would check here before diving into the code.

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