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      Default ProvB Listings - Premium AF Layout

      ProvB Listings
      A pure result of the power of what Extra Threadfields together with Advanced Forums can do for you. Create virtually any kind of listing!

      Seamless Integration
      ProvB Listings takes the concept behind 2 products and allows the three to easily come together in a way that allows for so much flexibility that you really can create any kind of directory or listing you'd like.

      In this layout, browsing through Extra Threadfields is a breeze. The search filtering is right up top and the fields are placed in their own location. more on Extra Threadfields You can also use Advanced Forums to pull attachment do things like show attachments in forum, change all instances of "Thread" to "Shoes" or "Listing" and much more. more on Advanced Forums.

      Price: $19.99 - read more

      Multiple views, functions, and more!
      This layout is almost a 2-in-one with both the Detailed and Grid views included, plus a great structure to pretty much wrap it up. But as usual, don't let what we've done stop you from opening your layout manager and customizing away.

      Keep in mind that for this product to work, you must have a copy of Advanced Forums and Extra Threadfields

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      Default Re: ProvB Listings - Premium AF Layout

      Thank you.

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