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      Junior Member dariosa's Avatar
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      Jul 2009

      Cool Extra Threadfields - few questions!

      Hi there,

      I'm interested in your product: (Extra Threadfields) and have a few questions:

      1.) Can I choose which extra field content will shown up above, below or beside the thread title in thread overview ?

      [Threadtitle] [extrafield1] [extrafield2]

      2.) Is it 100% compatible to my forum version: 3.7.2 (German)

      3.) I'm using vBSEO - any issues or is it fully compatible to this mod?

      That's it so far,


    2. #2 Owner Gio~Logist's Avatar
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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Extra Threadfields - few questions!

      1) If you leave it up to the system to automatically place the fields, they will usually go under the title. However, you can set the display to 0 and manually place the field's data anywhere via the template

      2 & 3) It will work 150%

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