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      Default Extra fields and Q&A

      1) I would like extra thread fields to be for the discussions (posts) and not the first thread/post. I would like use this to Q&A form where users can post a question in a existing VB format but looking for the answers with formated fields
      A) what it the solution
      B) how does it work
      c) how much does it cost etc.

      2) I would like display these answers/posts in ProVB listings format. Again displaying posts/answers instead of threads.

      3) New Post agreement on answers (posts) similar to you have a free Mod for New Thread Agreement.

      4) Allow other all the users to pick the best answer or rate the answer on 1-10 scale (similar to the MOD on

      If this is not possible with Advanced Forums or your current mods, PM me with a quote.

      Appreciate your help!
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      Default Re: Extra fields and Q&A

      I have shot you over a pm

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