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      Default Compatability Question

      I like what I see so far but my main question is this I want to buy tabbed forums, advanced forums, and advanced threadbits(spelling) for my anime site. Let me first explain what it I plan to use them for and then let me know if its possible and if I have the mods abilities correct. Ok for the tabbed forum home my question is this could I make a custom navbar and include the links in it that wold show the new content? Does it load them in with ajax or is it a refreshed page? I seen a site with a similar mod its called does it do like that site does, there under the info box of stats. I want to only show my regular stuff but hide my graphics, and RPG forums if thats how tabbed forumhome works. I will use advanced forums to make my bios forum have a different display but I was wondering if the advanced threadbit will work if I customize the forums postbit using advanced forums? I had a version my friend gave me when his site died but he want pass on his account so I'll be buying them soon if they do what is needed. Please respond soon as I have to look for other means if the mods want work seamlessly together.

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      Default Re: Compatability Question

      1) Tabbed forumhome doesn't use ajax, just some fancy javascript - which is actually a bonus because it keeps the content in view source. However, the tabs are automatically formed, so there's not much room for making links in navbar and what not. Also, the website you linked doesn't have a similar function. Tabbed forumhome breaks up the categories (main categories) into tabs, and allows you to navigate through them.

      2) Correct. You can make a custom layout for any forum (and even a layout you want to apply to several) and customize any of the available templates which at the moments include postbit, forumdisplay, threadbit, etc.

      So far it seems you've nailed everything on the dot and being that you have a plan, I'm sure you know how powerful the Advanced Forums + Extra Threadfields combination can be

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      Default Re: Compatability Question

      I see so the advanced forums doesn't hide the forums that would end up as tabs from view until there clicked on? Dang the reason why I'm asking is because I want to make the tabs links in my new navbar so it appears everything shifts out of view except the forums grouped into that category. If it only groups them but doesn't remove them from view until you click them then I guess I'll only get the advanced forums and extra thread fields then. I was sure they used your free version from If you wouldn't mind taking a peep as a member to check to make sure its nit your mod I would appreciate it. You can use my login. username: pein87 (note this only works for thanks mate.
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      Default Re: Compatability Question

      I've removed the password for safety reasons. However, Advanced Forums can work either way. You can either leave the forum in a category, or set the display to 0 to only have it viewable by clicking a link

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