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      Junior Member RenatoMN's Avatar
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      Sep 2009

      Default Questions before spend $100

      Hello, Gio~Logist.

      I'm HURRY to buy some mods from you, but I want to be sure if I will be able to make threads similar to the attached image, using:

      provb listings + extra threadfields + advanced forums

      I want to add the fields in the "new thread" screen that will be converted in each area in the table, i.e.:

      Poster: [__field for user insert data__]
      Sinopse: [__field for user insert data__]
      ScreenShots: [__field for user insert data__] *
      Elenco: [__field for user insert data__]
      Dados do Filme: [__field for user insert data__]
      Dados do Arquivo: [__field for user insert data__]
      Dados Técnicos: [__field for user insert data__]
      Download: [__field for user insert data__]

      *The screenshots are not attached, they're currently made with BBCode (a lightbox is open when clicked). My ideia is add 4-8 fields where the user add the img URLs and your mod (ProVB Listings, I think) add the BBcode automatically.

      Is it possible??

      Also, is possible to create multi-line fields instead default simple 1 line input fields?

      Other feature I want to confirm: If I have these 3 mods combined and I add a checkboxes extra thread field, with "Graphics", "Security", "Burning" options, and a thread have Graphics+Security checked, if user select "Graphics" in the forumdisplay.php will this thread be listed? Also, will Graphics/Security/Burning be a selectbox in the forumdisplay (like in your garage demo forum) or there will be 3 checkboxes to select?

      Note: the threads of my forums are slightly different in each of them, this is an example. Your mod support differents layout for different forums, for what I can see. Right?

      Please answer ASAP! I'm with a forum currently offline just waiting for these mods to be reopened!
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      Oct 2008

      Default Re: Questions before spend $100

      Liking the drive for customization! Alright, lets get to business. Extra Threadfields doesn't parse bbcode at the moment. However, if you look into manual placement, which then allows you to grab the field's variable and do whatever you wish with it. So instead of bbcode, you can just use html wrapped around your field variable in your customized postbit template

      The fields are allowed to have a dropdown, regular input, checkbox, or textarea (multi-lined). However, they are formatted for newthread is exactly how they will show on forumdisplay for filtering.

      Oh and yes, with Advanced Forums you can make any layout you'd like (or utilize one of the 2 given) for a completely different look and feel within certain forums!

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      Junior Member RenatoMN's Avatar
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      Sep 2009

      Default Re: Questions before spend $100

      Hi, I understand that a field I create as dropdown(which I called selectbox above) will be a dropdown in forumdisplay.

      Now, clarify, please: Is it possible to create a SINGLE threadfield with 2+ checkboxES? Example:

      Sharing Method:
      [ ] HTTP
      [ ] Torrent
      [ ] eMule
      [ ] Others

      If YES: if a user create a thread with HTTP + Torrent checked, a filter for ONLY "HTTP" will list this thread, or both need to be checked for this thread be returned?

      If NOT (I mean, if I need to create 4 extra threadfields separately for each sharing method), will a thread with HTTP + Torrent checked be shown when filtering the forumdisplay with ONLY "HTTP" checked (Torrent unchecked)?

      I couldn't determine it in your example forums, as they don't have these type/amount of extra threadfields.

      Last edited by RenatoMN; 10-21-2009 at 04:39 AM.

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