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    Premade vB Mods

    Installation takes minutes

    ProvB Index

    Current Version
    Product Requirements
    Current Version: 1.5.0
    Vbulletin 3.6+ (all recent versions)

    Product Features
    Feature More Info
    A Modernized Homepage
    Spice up your vBulletin Homepage.
    • Clean-Development (W3 Valid, Clean Code, etc.)
    • Enjoy Tab-Controlled Content Boxes
    • Several Useful Gadgets
    • Easy Customization!
    A number of useful gadgets.
    Extensive gadgets controllable via admincp
    • Featured Post
    • Tab-Controllable Gadgets
    • Newest Members
    • Latest Uploads (attachments)
    • Sidebar
    • Recent Threads
    • 2 Built-In Advertisement Blocks
    Tab-Controllable Gadgets
      3 Built-In Multi-Tab Functions
    • Forum Tab
      • For viewing a list of your website's forums
    • Forum Feeder Tab
      • Recent threads from specific forums.
    • Start a Thread Tab
      • Recent threads from specific forums.
    Forum Feeder
      Generate Forum Feeds
    • Recent topics from specific forums - separated into 3 areas (columns)
    • Columns 1-2 are in the "Forum Feeder" and column 3 is in the Sidebar.
    • Controllable via admincp.
    • Easily-Customizeable Forum Feeds
      • After learning to control your forum feeds via the admincp, you will soon be able to customize your feeds and create a homepage such as the one uses here, which is this same product, but with a few gadgets left behind and a bit more use of the forum feed.
    buy now for 39.99