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    Premade vB Mods

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    ProvB Listings

    Current Version
    Product Requirements
    Current Version: 1.0.0
    vBulletin3.x Series, Advanced Forums (product required), Extra Threadfields (product optional).

    Product Features
    Feature More Info
    ProvB Listing Layout
    Transform one (or more) of your forums, and give it the appearance and functionality of virtually any kind of listing directory.
    • Great Structure and needed Functionality for Listings
    • Advanced Forums Implementation
    • Extra Threadfields Implementation
    • Advanced My Listings Usage
      • Click a member's name within the forum itself, or check out the listing and you'll see a link that redirects you to all the member's listings within that forum.
    • Both a Detailed & Grid view
      • Option to select which is Default
      • Allow members to easily switch between the two
    • Advertisement location to the left of listings
      • Editable via option. Fits 250x250 perfectly.
    Wide Extendibility
    See how we used ProvB Listings to make a directory for people to list their cars. Or what about for people just trying to sell sneakers?

    AF Garage - SellMySneakers
    buy now for 19.99