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    Premade vB Mods

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    Question & Answer Forums

    Current Version
    Product Requirements
    Current Version: 1.2.0Pv4
    vBulletin4.x Series

    Feature More Info
    Enable Question & Answer Forums
    Answer Forums allows you to transform a forum into a great Question & Answer solution, similar to
    • Enable a questions forum
    • Allow users to choose best answer
    • Question Statistics on forumdisplay
    • Top Helpers on forumdisplay
    • Recently Answered on forumdisplay
    • View Answered Topics
    • View Unanswered Topics
    • Answered Topics in postbit
    Automatic Private Message Notifications
    • Private Message user who's answer was chosen
    • Private Message answer provider if the answer is reset
    Advanced Permissions
    • Control user's ability to reset their own topic's answer
    • Allow usergroups to reset any topic's answer
    • Allow usergroups to select any topic's answer *new
    3rd-Party Point System Integration
    • Integrates with vbplaza (reward answer providers)
    • Integrates with vbcredits (reward answer providers)
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