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    Premade vB Mods

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    Extra Threadfields

    Current Version
    Product Requirements
    Current Version: 2.6.0
    vBulletin3.x Series

    Product Features
    Feature More Info
    Extra Threadfields
    Add extra input fields to your new thread page.
    • Add extra fields to threads. These include:
      • Text fields
      • Select Drop Down Fields
      • Radio Fields
      • Checkbox Fields
    • Enhanced extra threadfields manager *new
    • Control order in which fields are displayed
    • Show extra fields in forum index
    • Show fields automatically in thread
      Enable/Disable automatic showing fields in thread
    • Show fields automatically in forumdisplay
      Enable/Disable automatic showing fields in forum
    • Show extra fields in subscriptions
    • Control what forums the field is shown in
    • Make a field required
    • Make the field only editable by staff
    • Control what usergroups can edit staff-only editable fields
    • Style how your extra fields appear in threads (using html) directly from your admincp! *new
    • Linkable Field (2 options)
      • Link-To Self: Field will link over to whatever website the user enters, allow your users to create the links. Forumdisplay Filtering: A way of allowing users to click this field and be redirected back to the forum where the listing was made, with only matching listings being shown.
    • Exclude Automatic Display within Pages*new
    Search Extra Threadfields
    • Search through extra fields within forums (forumdisplay.php) *new
    • Show extra fields in search results
    • Search through fields in search.php
    • Control what fields are searchable
    Threadfield Editors
    Edit Extra Threadfields right from normal edit post (on first posts) and edit thread pages.
    • Edit thread fields via the "edit thread" page
    • Edit thread fields via the "edit post" page *new
    Extra Perks!
    • No template edits required! *new
    buy now for 32.99