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    Premade vB Mods

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    Extra Threadfields

    Current Version
    Product Requirements
    Current Version: 2.8.2
    Vbulletin 4.0+ (all recent versions)

    Product Features
    Feature More Info
    Extra Threadfields
    Add extra input fields to your new thread page.
    • Add extra fields to threads. These include:
      • Text fields
      • Select Drop Down Fields
      • Radio Fields
      • Checkbox Fields
    • Enhanced extra threadfields manager *new
    • Control order in which fields are displayed
    • Show extra fields in forum index
    • Show fields automatically in thread
      Enable/Disable automatic showing fields in thread
    • Show fields automatically in forumdisplay
      Enable/Disable automatic showing fields in forum
    • Show extra fields in subscriptions
    • Control what forums the field is shown in
    • Make a field required
    • Make the field only editable by staff
    • Control what usergroups can edit staff-only editable fields
    • Style how your extra fields appear in threads (using html) directly from your admincp! *new
    • Linkable Field (2 options)
      • Link-To Self: Field will link over to whatever website the user enters, allow your users to create the links. Forumdisplay Filtering: A way of allowing users to click this field and be redirected back to the forum where the listing was made, with only matching listings being shown.
    • Exclude Automatic Display within Pages*new
    Search Extra Threadfields
    • Search through extra fields within forums (forumdisplay.php) *new
    • Show extra fields in search results
    • Search through fields in search.php search.php is in the "advanced search" page. Right now you can search right on forumdisplay, but we're still in the process of editing the search.php one.
    • Control what fields are searchable
    Threadfield Editors
    Edit Extra Threadfields right from normal edit post (on first posts) and edit thread pages.
    • Edit thread fields via the "edit thread" page
    • Edit thread fields via the "edit post" page *new
    Extra Perks!
    • No template edits required! *new
    buy now for 49.99